Go green, go blue

CSR – Environment Responsibility

Since the first starting days, Nerva Group has made the environment and sustainability of surrounding communities a top priority.

In the early beginnings part of our giving strategy was devoted to green and urban renewal. And with more growing we started sponsoring Earth Day events and lunched our recycling program. In recent years, we joined forces with organizations from different industries to help find the sustainable path to make our planet green and blue again.

Today, our team members are proactive and passionate about empowering themselves , their families and our clients to lead more sustainable lifestyles by providing the right information, tools and incentives to make it easy.

We are working hard to reduce our environmental impact and drive operational efficiencies within our supply chains. We are investing in energy sources of the future to keep our earth green, blue and happy.


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CSR  Social Responsibility


Nerva Group contributes to the economic and social well-being of people in the countries where we operate because we recognize the deep interdependence of healthy business and healthy societies.

Wherever we are, we strive to be a good neighbor, sharing the concerns of our communities and dedicating our capabilities, resources and people to creating a better future.

We invest in improving the quality of life for our employees and neighbors by growing local economies, creating jobs, supporting small business, and promoting economic empowerment in local communities.

We have invested more a lot since we started to fund initiatives that foster economic stability and improve the quality of life in communities around the world. Nerva Group partners with host governments, nongovernmental organizations and aid agencies to asses and understand local needs and the reasons behind them. We work with our partners to devise programs that will help improve health, support educations and grow local economies.